Valentin Albillo

Madrid, Spain
I discovered Mike:
Back in 1973, a classmate brought that new vinyl to the classroom, with the strange twisted bell on the cover. Out of curiosity, I persuaded him to let me have it for a couple of days. I listened to it at leisure: it amazed me no end, never heard something like it before. Got my open reel, and taped some excerpts here and there. After a while, I discovered to my utter astonishment that I had taped the whole album! I was hooked for life.
Favourite albums:
Amarok, Ommadawn, TSODE, Tubular Bells, Five Miles Out
Favourite songs:
North Point, The Time Has Come, To France, Talk About Your Life, Five Miles Out
Favourite instrumentals:
Taurus II, Orabidoo, Mirage, Platinum
Other hobbies:
Mathematics (both high-level & recreational), Chess, Music (inc. classical music, specially Mozart & opera), Photography, Science in general, Multimedia, old HP calculators, Programming, and my daughter Laura
Date of birth:
March 5, 1958
System's Engineer & Senior Developer
On the Amarok list since:
1998, more or less

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