Tati Marvin

Tati The Sentinel
Sao Paulo, Brazil
I discovered Mike:
Discovered Mike's music last year (2001), when a friend of mine gave me TB III, The Songs of Distant Earth, Crises and some videos (Elements, TB II and TB III). Loved a lot, especially the instrumental part, which is something I like very much and Mike does know how to create it!!

I knew that he is the Tubular Bells chappie, that he was quite young when the album was released, and become a big hit.

My MO's collection is getting bigger..now I've got Ommadawn, Exposed, Five Miles Out and Earth Moving...

Oh yes, I love the way that he plays the guitar, fantastic and with a strong trademark...

And yes, Mike's music is reaching younger audiences too...I'm on my early 20s.

Favourite albums:
Ommadawn, Tubular Bells and Tubular Bells III
Favourite songs:
Sentinel, Five Miles Out, Moonlight Shadow, Shadow on the Wall...
Favourite instrumentalss:
Ommadawn, Tubular Bells Part One
Other hobbies:
Listening to other prog rockers like Rick Wakeman, Alan Parsons Project, Yes / Travelling / Reading
Date of birth:
June 6th 1981
Chemistry Student @ University
On the Amarok list since:
December 2001

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