Stephen Patterson

Newcastle upon Tyne/Leeds, UK
I discovered Mike:
I discovered MO years ago, when a relative played me Tubular Bells II, I was blown away (obviously), but wanted more. I then went through an obsessive completist period which got me every album and rarity I could lay my hands on, (things like a Platinum Vinyl with the original Sally on, the Pictures in the Dark single and TB picture vinyl), but I've settled down now.

Like a lot of Oldfield fans, my tastes also include Progressive Rock (although I would think it was wrong to class Mike as such), and I am a music student and an aspiring musician myself. I have a few submissions on this site.

Have a listen and tell me what you think!

Favourite albums:
Amarok, Five Miles Out, Incantations
Favourite songs:
To France, In High Places, Irelands Eye (orabidoo)..
Favourite instrumentals:
Taurus 3, Jungle Gardenia, Ommadawn pt. 1, Mount Teide, Incantations pt. 4... the list could go on forever!
Other hobbies:
Writing complicated Instrumentals.
Date of birth:
May, 1983
Music Student...
On the Amarok list since:

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