Stuart Long

List nickname:
Bootleg The Dog
Bletchingley (a sleepy little village in Surrey, just outside London, England)
URL: ( fast url address is
I discovered Mike:
As a ten or 11 year old when I saw him on the BBC's Blue Peter and saw him record the theme to the show. I asked for - and got - The Complete Mike Oldfield for my birthday which was about 2 months later purely because that had the Blue Peter theme song on it. That's when I heard excerpts from everything he had done up 'till then and that's when the obsession started. (When I worked in social work I even manage to use mike music in relaxation sessions with the children I looked after who were in care and went so far as to get the hospital to buy his complete back catalogue - He He !!)
Favourite album:
on its own has to be Amarok but Incantations and Tubular Bells II come a very close joint second.
Favourite instrumental:
At the moment has to be on The Millennium Bell (Track 5) The Doge's Palace. Traditional style with lots of modern instruments used in strange ways. But being the awkward sod that I am that will change within a month.
Other hobbies:
include building web sites, computing (That's a new one by the way), Fishing (with a Rod, Tackle and a CD walkman to listen to Mike not to mention a couple of cans of Guinness).
Date of birth:
23rd March 1969
I used to work in Child Care and Behavioural Management. Now I collect Big Debts for Big Companies from other Big Companies all round the world for a living and even get to do some travelling on the company account.
On the Amarok list since:
I started using my home PC for things other than spread sheets and age - debt analysis reports (yawn). Roughly December 2000.

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