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Stuart Irwin

West Pennant Hills (approx 35 mins from the city), NSW, Australia
I discovered Mike:
About 1976, the ABC (government owned T.V. station) played the Portsmouth clip quite often as a filler between shows. I was only about 5 years old at the time and was always transfixed by this guy that somehow was playing all the instruments simultaneously. My primary teacher really liked it and got us to play it on very primitive percussion instruments at our christmas concert. I didn't get into Mike again until 1989 when a friend came back from England with Platinum and the compilation Music Wonderland. I was hooked from that moment.
Favourite album:
Favourite songs:
Shine, Heaven's Open, and I really like the Barry Palmer vocal version of When the Nights on Fire.
Favourite instrumental:
Hard to say, probably QE2 Finale but more recently I like Outcast and Out of Mind from Guitars. Top of the Morning is my fav piano instrumental.
Other hobbies:
I write and play music using a 4 track. Stuart Irwin plays: Acoustic Guitar, electric guitar, some bass guitar, some Keyboards, drum programing, & some bad singing. I also collect comics, watch sci-fi, read Pratchett, Adams, Clarke, Phillip K. Dick, and most recently J K Rowling's fantastic Harry Potter series.
Date of birth:
5th March 1971
Valuations officer for a finance company, Auctioneer and freelance Computer Technician.
On the Amarok list since:
Since Mid 2000. Best list I've ever joined!!!

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