Rob Miles

Poole, Dorset.
I discovered Mike:
When I was a boy, the hippy teacher played Tubular Bells once to us as a stimulus for some creative writing. This teacher was then ill, and we had a succession of supply teachers who could all be mugged into digging out the unreliable school turntable and putting it on for us. As most teachers in the 1970s could not tell the 'A' side of an album from the 'B' side, we got to hear pretty much all of it. Later, I came across it in a local record shop and, struck with nostalgia, bought it. Then my friends took me to one side and gave me a tape with Hergest Ridge on one side and Ommadawn on the other. The course of my life changed at that moment.
Favourite album:
Favourite song:
Favourite short instrumental:
Favourite long instrumental:
Ommadawn part 2
Other hobbies:
Computing, getting drunk in pubs, getting drunk at home, singing, reading, writing, nothing particularly spectacular, really...
Date of birth:
I was found wandering the heathlands in the mid Sixties.
On the Amarok list since:
September 1998

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