Ralf Erhard

Deep in Bavaria, most south town of Germany
I discovered Mike:
I discovered Mike Oldfield's music in 1980, short after the release of Platinum. After this experience I bought all his records and enjoyed the great music of Tubular Bells, Hergest Ridge, Ommadawn and Incantations. After a while I was obsessed by owning all his existing records and started to collect them. In 1984 I saw Mike live in concert at the Discovery-Tour in Friedrichshafen on 24th of October 1984. It was fantastic to stand in the first row and see Mike and his band playing live, all the well known music for the first time. Meanwhile I saw Mike live in 1993 (Munich and Stuttgart), but the most thrilling event was the world premiere of Tubular Bells III in London on 4th of September 1998 and all the things which happened during my stay there!
Favourite album:
1. Tubular Bells III
2. Ommadawn
3. Five Miles Out
Favourite song:
1. No Dream
2. Poison Arrows
3. Discovery
Favourite instrumental:
1. Wrekorder Wrondo
2. Summit Day
3. Dark Island
Other hobbies:
Snooker, Badminton and Formula 1
Date of birth:
15th of August 19??
sorry, stopped counting since I was 30
CNC turner in the metalwork: http://www.bhs-cincinnati.de/
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