Paul Hutchinson

Taranaki, New Zealand
I discovered Mike:
...In '74 just after Tubular Bells first came out. I had just left school and was emigrating with my parents from England to New Zealand. We got held up waiting for visas in London and had to stay a few days with my cousin who had just recieved a copy of TB for his birthday. We played it constantly and it made a profound impression on me. Shortly after arriving in NZ, I bought a copy of TB - the first LP I had ever owned, and by then Hergest Ridge was out. I was hooked...
Favourite album:
I think that the original Tubular Bells will always be the one I feel most strongly about - even though I seldom listen to it these days..
Favourite song:
Hmmm.. that's difficult. I like Pictures in the Dark, Blue Night and I've got a soft spot for Sally I'm Just a Gorilla..
Favourite instrumental:
Wild Goose Flaps Its Wings
Other hobbies:
Classical guitar
Date of birth:
January 4, 1958
On the Amarok list since:
..Just before Voyager was released.

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