Pat Booth

Ottawa Ontario Canada
I discovered Mike:
When I was about 13, I discovered Mike and TB1. I never really paid that much attention to him until a friend of mine urged me to get more albums than Tubular Bells! Am I ever glad I did! He has influenced my guitar playing tremendously and I love playing along to his music. Got the majority of his solos down too, believe it or not...quite difficult! Anyway, I'm 41 now, 42 in 2 weeks, and I'm still playing along...and it's still alot of fun no matter what CD I'm playing!
Favourite albums:
TB3, TSODE, Amarok
Favourite song:
Heaven's Open, WICKED guitar solo!!!
Favourite instrumental:
Other hobbies:
Writing ,music, composing
Date of birth:
December 15 1959
Nurse, I look like a heavy metaller though, ha, gotta keep me hair tied back for THAT job!!

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