Pablo Ayllón

Santander, Cantabria, Spain
I discovered Mike:
When I was a little boy and my old brother bought Tubular Bells, I didn't understand the music, I was just a kid, but that tune got deep into my head and soul. Some years later I heard Family Man on the radio, then Five Miles Out, and then I decided to buy the album, my first Mike album, I was 14, when I played it and listened to Taurus II... whoa! I felt in love with it. I read in a magazine that Mike's best work was Ommadawn... went to the record shop, bought it, played it and I became a Mike's fan for life!
Favourite album:
Favourite song:
Crime Of Passion
Favourite instrumental:
Crises & Taurus II
Other hobbies:
Music, computers, technology, comics, movies, guitars... Beatles forever and bourbon & tennesse whiskey ;-)
Date of birth:
February 10th, 1968
Computer Tech
On the Amarok list since:
August 1999

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