María Mérida Díaz

I discovered Mike:
well... in some way i have the feeling that his music has always been with me... i started listening to him around 1983, when i was twelve... the first album i listened to was crises and i was impressed. the first vinyls i bought (in the 8º course excursion to lisboa, in a second hand record shop) were tb, hergest ridge, ommadawn and platinum. and since then...
Favourite albums:
Tubular Bells, Ommadawn, Crises, Amarok, The Songs Of Distant Earth, Tres Lunas (the whole project)
Favourite songs:
Saved By A Bell. Crime Of Passion
Favourite instrumental:
Taurus lll, Orabidoo, The Lake, Wild Goose Flaps Its Wings, The Owl's Cave Flight
Other hobbies:
photography, looking at the summer sky, surfing on the net, travelling...
Date of birth:
On the Amarok list since:

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