Mary-Carol L
Elements maintainer / Creator of Amarok2 and Elements2

Canton, MO, USA
ICQ# 54424407 (Skydancer)
I discovered Mike:
Centuries ago.....when pagans held secret observances down in the woods. Seems like just last week. Oh. It *was* just last week, hahaha! Actually, I discovered him (well, his music - still waiting to discover *him* (-; ) while recovering from mononucleosis. Incantations was featured on a progressive rock program in the evenings, on a station in a small town, not known for its progressive anything! It was "Love at First Listen," and I think Incantations hastened the recovery process because of a mad desire to dance to it! It was the first import that I had ever ordered; other MOs soon followed.
Favourite album:
Incantations, and this has not altered since First Listen! The second choice, though, wanders amongst a sky full of stars: Ommadawn, TSODE, FMO, Amarok, TBIII, and TMB. Oh yeah. HR, TB, TBII, Voyager, according to mood, phase of the moon, precession of the earth's axis, season, etc. This is such a nice feature of Mike's music: its diversity ensures that there *is* one always in "season."
Favourite song:
"On Horseback," "Pictures in the Dark," "Pacha Mama," "Sunlight Shining Through Cloud," FMO, EM, "Talk About Your Life," "Moonlight Shadows," "To France." Oops. One?
Favourite instrumental:
Incantations, part IV; Ommadawn, part everything; "The Lake."
Other hobbies:
Dancing (jazz, lyrical ballet); running; horses and riding; interplanting gardening, herbalism; astronomy (special focus on children and astronomy); archaeoastronomy, particularly Inkaic, and wiccan/pagan issues. Also involved in Native American activism. I've been maintaining the Elements list (most of the time) since January 1999.
Date of birth:
4-16-???? Can't remember. I'm told it was just after the invention of quipus, the Inka record-keeping system. Guess I should've been counting. (((-;
Library Development Consultant; occasional lecturer on Native American issues
On the Amarok list since:
Nov 1997 or thereabouts.

Credit: Tubular Bell decal: Drew Minasian

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