Luis Pinto

Coimbra, Portugal
I discovered Mike:
A very good friend of mine showed me once a weird song (at least for my standards then) called Five Miles Out. I liked it and borrowed the cd (Elements). Some days later I found a CD called TSODE, and bought it just to see what it was like. Now, I am an Oldfield fan looking for his cd's everywhere, and hate when I go to a shop where there are 15 MO albums and I have them all :(
Favourite album:
Favourite song:
Sentinel, To France
Favourite instrumental:
Amarok :) Ok, that doesn't count... Probably the 'Vivaldi Concerto in C', although it is not from Mike, but he plays it superbly!
Other hobbies:
Besides listening to MO? Not much... some computer hacking, television, the usual geek stuff...
Date of birth:
September 1st, 1977
Computer Science graduate student and Systems administrator
On the Amarok list since:
Yesterday :) April 18th, 2001

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