Kenneth Jensen

Mšlndal Sweden
I discovered Mike:
I think it was in the late 70s, I was together with some friends and one of them had bought this LP that he said was something very, very good. At first I did not like it so much as he did, I rather thought it was ok but nothing more. A couple of years later I was in a record store and I wasn't looking for anything special but I went home with "Boxed" in my hands, still today I can't explain why. I played it some times through the 80s and even bought some more LPs, but it was not until MO released TB2 that I saw the light, and started to buy his CDs. Today I think MO is the maestro!
Favourite album:
TB2 has a special place in my heart
Favourite song:
Africa 3 ( ending of Amarok ) is one of the best.
Other hobbies:
Reading, making music
Date of birth:
On the Amarok list since:
Early 2000

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