Kathleen Hope

Oklahoma, USA
I discovered Mike:
Purchased Tubular Bells to find out more about how Mike created the music, started looking for other titles and became addicted. Found myself using his music as incidental background for plays which I direct or act in. He has been instrumental (pun intended) in encouraging me to write music my own damn self. Maybe someday I'll even come out of the basement to let someone hear it.
Favourite album:
Changes day to day... today, it's Amarok.. er, um, no it's Songs of Distant Earth, dang, no it's definitely ... Sorry, I'll stop now.
Favourite song:
Can't and won't pick... depends on where I am when I'm listening. Has anyone ever listened to Five Miles Out at the Grand Canyon? They should have it piped in.
Favourite instrumental:
Now that's easy... ok, get back with me.
Other hobbies:
Other phenomenal musical artists and Soundtracks (Anthony Phillips, Jean Michel Jarre, etc.), art of all kinds, anything near water, hiking, biking, more art.
Date of birth:
February 29, 1960 (I'll be 10 in 2000 - You're all invited to the bash.)
Theatrical Artist, Director, Producer, Actor, Touring Artist, Comedienne, Improv.
On the Amarok list since:
Summer, 1999

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