Jay Stockton

Central Point, Oregon, USA
I discovered Mike:
My brother heard MO's music in the Exorcist (which I have never seen) and got a copy of Tubular Bells. He loved it and so did I. However, that was the only MO album I heard until I was in college. My roommate turned me on to other MO works in 1980. I got hooked on Ommadawn in particular. I wound up getting them all...I have been thoroughly hooked since then.
Favourite album:
Favourite songs:
Five Miles Out, On Horseback
Favourite instrumental:
Ommadawn Pt. 1, The Lake, Wind Chimes
Other hobbies:
Listening, playing and composing music, computers, photography, but lately mostly raising two kids along with my wonderful wife.
Date of birth:
December 2, 1960
Meteorologist (really!)
On the Amarok list since:
1999 or so.

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