John P Connor

Warrington, Cheshire, UK.
I discovered Mike:
Probably in 1976 whilst my uncle was decorating at my cousin's house. They had a copy of Portsmouth on 7". I loved it. Sadly, I was particularly underdeveloped musically in those days & nothing much else happened. I bought the Blue Peter single in 1979 & became a serious Mike fan when I got a CD player for my 18th birthday in 1985.

I just loved the fact that you could play entire albums at superb quality without flipping them over & started to buy long instrumental pieces by Jarre. Saw Tubular Bells at WH Smiths, remembered the BP stuff & bought it. Wow!

Bought "The Complete" on vinyl & proceeded to buy the rest of the albums on CD. I bought Ommadawn almost last. What a mistake that was!

Favourite albums:
Ommadawn, Amarok, TB, TBII
Favourite songs:
Man in the Rain, Moonlight Shadow
Favourite instrumentals:
Jewel in the Crown, Serpent Dream & Ommadawn live at Katowice, Crises
Other hobbies:
Playing my guitar; Home Cinema; Programming (when I can be arsed); Driving(!)
Date of birth:
Techy. Proper title is "Principal Systems Support Specialist"
On the Amarok list since:
Dunno. Think I joined in 93/94, but left soon after. Rejoined in 1998. I am currently responsible for running the list's server and this website.

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