José Miguel Serrano González

Bogotá, Colombia
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(My group´s site. It´s in Spanish... I´m working on the English version)
I discovered Mike:
I was changing TV channels one monday morning in 1996... when I saw a concert... That grabbed me and forced me to stay till the end of it. It was TB2 at Edinburgh Castle. "The Bell" was the thing that made me start the searching of info and music of Mike Oldfield.
Favourite album:
The first place is among: TB, Amarok, Ommadawn. (No particular order)
Favourite song:
Five Miles Out (No doubt about it)
Favourite instrumental:
Among: Taurus2, Crises, The Top of the Morning, In The Pool...
Other hobbies:
I like to draw, play guitar, piano and in rehearsals with my group, bass and drums. Write music and perfom it (You can see "The Flying Bell" on fan submissions). To read (Not a lot though), Astronomy, D´NI... everything about D´ni culture and Myst, Riven, and the novels. History...Mostly anything... I like the "Renaissance Man" concept. (If anyone want to share about it, I´m here to listen.
Date of birth:
Feb. 3 - 1976
Advertiser. Trying to pull out my own business...
On the Amarok list since:
September - 2000

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