Jerome Cadet

Sorry folks, I never write to the list and I am only on Elements...
Puteaux (near Paris), France
I discovered Mike:
During a student exchange near London (it must have been around 79-80, so I was 12 or 13), a friend of my pen-pal had TB and we would listen to it several times. So I bought the LP (first music recording I ever bought) and went back to France [:)] with the LP in my suitcase (it survived !). Then I bought Episodes (a French compilation) one or two years later, and then I never really stopped.

I've seen him twice : Orange 84 (Discovery tour) and Paris 99 (Then & Now tour). I had my tear and load of emotions when I saw him again after so many years...

His music is definitely a part of my life, there is *nothing* that he creates that I don't like, almost everything that I love. The only difference is "love at first hearing" or "love after several hearings".

And the first major interest I have found in Internet (back in 97) was to connect to Mike's world large fan base, getting rare music (and not so rare ;) and other materials, and Elements. Yes, after that I found other interests :)

Mike rules, forever.

Favourite albums:
Considering what I said above, many. Let's say Amarok / Incantations / TB.
Favourite song:
I'm no good at all to remember Mike's songs names, because I've always listened his albums "straight" and I hardly pay attention to the lyrics (when I understand them). Ok, let's say Family Man.
Favourite instrumental:
Same problem, I think I only know the albums names, and a few famous songs names, but then I'm not a good fan at all (please stop using these initials in the mail threads, I'm always lost !!!). But I almost always instantly recognise his music, I when I have time (driving) I can play entire albums in my head. Ok, ok, let's say Taurus II.
Other hobbies:
My wife and my little boy, computers, music (all sorts, really), movie (this was before the little boy), try to convince people to get to know Mike's music.
Date of birth:
4th August 67
IT Consultant
On the Amarok list since:
July 99 (Elements member only)

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