Hogne B. Pettersen

I discovered Mike:
I first became aware of him when Moonlight Shadow was the big summer hit back in 1983. I was 11 years at the time and didn't understand why Mike Oldfield had such a female like voice....

In 1985 Anita Hegerland was on Norwegian television talking about this new single she had recorded with Mike Oldfield. The video for 'Pictures in the Dark' was shown and since I taped the show I watched it over and over until the tape was worn out.

I forgot about Mike until Amarok came out. I've no idea why I put Amarok on one day in the record shop I (almost) lived in. Maybe I was intrigued by the fact that it only had one track on it. I first listened to it and hated it. A friend of mine persuaded me to give it one more go and this time I skipped through the album. When I came to the first afrcian drum section with the 'faso faso' singing I was hooked. I there and then started collecting his music and read all I could find about him in rock lexicas.

Tubular Bells was a huge disappointment when I first got it. It sounded out of tune and awful. But after hearing the whole Boxed set I was convinced that Mike was da man.

Favourite albums:
Amarok, Ommadawn, TB II, Incantations and Five Miles Out
Favourite songs:
Crime of Passion, Pictures in the Dark, In High Places
Favourite instrumentals:
In the Pool, Jungle Gardenia
Other hobbies:
Music, writing, acting, working out and computers
Date of birth:
26th of September 1972
Web developer
On the Amarok list since:

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