Guillermo de la Peña

Pontevedra, Galicia (Spain)
I discovered Mike:
It was 1995 when I discovered God like Joan of Arc did ;-)

Was when my uncle put an album called "The Songs of Distant Earth" on his car music player. Since then Mike has become in one of most important things in my short live.

Favourite albums:
Ommadawn, The Songs Of Distant Earth, Tubular Bells.
Favourite songs:
Moonlight Shadow, Flying Start .... there are so much!
Favourite instrumentals:
Ommadawn part 1, Taurus II ...there are also so much!!
Other hobbies:
My hobbits? I think there are drawing and painting, and eating.
Date of birth:
March the 31th, 1982
Student (I try it...)

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