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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
I discovered Mike:
In July/99, when all I bought and heard was Jean-Michel Jarre, and Kraftwerk's Autobahn (I began buying records in April/99). I had heard of Mike, of course, and his TB. Then I bought as first album TB 25th anniversary remastered limited edition. It was something quite different from what I heard and I knew there was much more to listen from MO. My second album was TB3, bought 3 months after TB, and my third was Ommadawn, bought in 22/Jan/2000 (yes, I do keep the dates and place I bought all my albums :). So far I have 12 MO albums: TB1-2-3, HR, Om, Inc, FMO, Cr, Am, HO, TSODE and Voyager. And MO is one of my favourite musicians and major musical influences.
Favourite album:
Favourite song:
Ireland's Eye (I feel great just playing this in my head, wherever I am, like walking on the street!)
Favourite instrumental:
Taurus II
Other hobbies:
Reading J.R.R. Tolkien's books, composing instrumental/electronic music, reading science/astronomy/mathematics-related stuff, listening to other instrumental and electronic music (mostly J.M.Jarre, Philip Glass, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Klaus Schulze)
Date of birth:
Computer support. College begins 2nd semester, 2001.
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