Greg Adams

Illinois USA
ICQ# 84645381
I discovered Mike:
Thru a friend who introduced me to Mike's Boxed LP (vinyl). Once catching wind of the excellent musicianship on this, and seeing that Mike played all of the instruments on this, I was hooked forever. I have never looked back, except to enjoy everything over Again.
Favourite album:
Amarok, with the 1st 3 albums following a close tie for 2nd...
Favourite song:
Shine (extended version)
Favourite instrumental:
Ignoring full length instrumentals... Polka (live from Elements 4 cd set)
Other hobbies:
Besides listening to Mike, The Who, and many others, I play music (guitar, bass, keys, drum machines) and record it; Computers (not as much); Wife and kids (more so, than others)
Date of birth:
Mainframe Computer Operator/PC Tech

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