Frank Schroeder-Hoeftmann

Elmshorn, Germany
I discovered Mike:
when my father played his young son Hergest Ridge. He used to frequent certain clubs in Hamburg back in the seventies, and on one occasion they played HR by Mike and Rubycon by Tangerine Dream. Maybe he was smoking himself daft at the time, I dunno - he keeps quiet about that. Anyhow, he had been so impressed by those two works that he bought them afterwards. He played me ELP, Yes, The Moody Blues, Kraftwerk and other freaky stuff, too. Then he went on with Punk and Deathmetal...
Favourite album:
Incantations, Amarok
Favourite song:
Celt, Crime of Passion, Crystal Gazing, Shine
Favourite instrumental:
Argiers, The Peak, Taurus II, Crises, The Lake
Other hobbies:
Early 80ies¥ computer games, meeting people, beering, reading, girls, soccer
Date of birth:
14 Nov 1971
Self-employed translator (English<->German)
On the Amarok list since:
Summer 1998

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