David Ronis

Easter Pennsylvania, USA
Actually, I'm between sites right now...
I discovered Mike:
Why, it was way back in the Winter of 2000/2001... It was either December or January. My father had TSODE, he had bought it in Spain on a business trip. I found it lying around and decided to take a listen, unfortunately for him, because he never got it back :>. I then started buying albums. That also inspired me to take up guitar and made me a very musical person. My life pretty much revolves around it now... (that and heavy drinking on Sunday night ;). Note: Just because they're my favourites doesn't mean I don't like others!
Favourite albums:
Depends...probably Hergest Ridge or FMO if I had to pick
Favourite songs:
Moonlight Shadow, FMO
Favourite instrumentals:
HR pt 2, Taurus 2, Ommadawn pt 2
Other hobbies:
Guitar, listening to other music, talking to people, RPGs
Date of birth:
10.11.1987 (though I sometimes pretend it's 1972 to fend off anti-child internet corporations :p)
High School Student
On the Amarok list since:
August, 2001 or something of the sort

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