Dave Johnson

Flitwick, Bedford, England
I discovered Mike:
I was about 14 and a friend played me Tubular Bells 2. Taped it and came to love it. Then I got the score out of the library and we tried to emulate it. The SunJammer solo on a clarinet is something I don't want to hear again!
Favourite album:
Tubular Bells 2
Least favourite album:
Heaven's Open (although it's growing on me), or maybe Earth Moving.
Favourite song:
Five Miles Out
Least Favourite song:
There are too many to list!
Favourite instrumental:
Tricky - Taurus 2 gets it I think
Least Favourite instrumental:
Other hobbies:
Music, Computers, Ultimate Frisbee
Date of birth:
Computer Science student
On the Amarok list since:
April 2001

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