Dave Holloway

Moorhead, Minnesota, USA (Mike Who??? Land)
I discovered Mike:
In 1995 while on an Amtrak from Minneapolis to Milwuakee, I sat next to a guy with a Discman, listening to a CD with a funky-looking bell shape on the cover (which I would now instantly recognize as TB2). I asked him who it was, he said, simply, "Tubular Bells." A few months later, I saw a copy of the original TB at Best Buy.

Recalling the funky bell-shape, and being a fan of lengthy contemporary compositions in general, I purchased the CD pretty much on impulse. I took it home, listened to it, and was hooked for life.

Favourite album:
In general, either Amarok or TB2, although it changes with my moods.
Favourite song:
Moonlight Shadow or Flying Start
Favourite instrumental:
Not counting Amarok (that just wouldn't be fair!), either Sentinel or Four Winds.
Other hobbies:
TV and Radio broadcasting, music in general (I broadcast MO often during my weekly prog rock radio show every Thursday night at 11:00 Central US time -- go to:
http://www.cord.edu/dept/kord to listen in!), computers, gaming, science fiction, philosophy of religion, drama and improvised comedy, etc.
Date of birth:
16 April, 1979
On the Amarok list since:
January, 2000

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