Denis Haluzan

Velika Mlaka, Croatia
I discovered Mike:
Few years ago, I was listening to the music of Jon Vangelis, then a one person I knew told me that I should try to listen to Mike Oldfield, well, I did so and it was a jurney of my life! I have found myself in that special piece of music, the album was Tubular Bells II !! When I listen to it I feel like a newborn child or like a hawk flying high in the sky ! That album means to me much more than just another great piece of music by someone.

I like some more singers (musicians), but Mike Oldfield was, and he will remain NUMBER ONE, and no living man on this planet, including aliens in the space( if they exist?!?) will ever win my heart like he did with his music. Thank you Mike, from my heart, God bless you !

Favourite albums:
T.B.II, Ommadawn
Favourite songs:
Moonlight Shadow, Heaven's Open, To France
Favourite instrumentals:
T.B. II, Ommadawn, T.B. I, Hergest Ridge
Other hobbies:
Mountain biking, mountains
Date of birth:

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