David Bruce

KillerKing (Queen connection!)
Wishaw, Scotland
I discovered Mike:
My dad always had TB1/2, and the TB2 video, and I just loved watching this guy playing his guitar like that. That sort of prompted me to learn to play the guitar (I can play The Mike Oldfield Information Service - that's good enough for me; but I can't quite make that plectrum magically "appear" like Mike does in Red Dawn!!). Since then, I've picked up the TB3, Ommadawn, TSODE, The Millennium Bell and Guitars albums. In the last few months, I've got HR, Incantations, the masterpiece Amarok and Voyager, so I like to think I've got quite a varied collection [but nowhere near complete!]. I've also become interested in some of the bootlegs and single material available as well.
Favourite album:
Ommadawn or Amarok in some moods, but I always come back to TB2. In some cases I'd also say The Millennium Bell. The Art In Heaven concert is one of the best live shows I've heard by any artist.
Favourite song:
Song or track? Red Dawn, Serpent Dream and Muse are some of my favourite tracks, and also like Moonlight Shadow and Shadow On The Wall.
Favourite instrumental:
Oh right - this is where I do tracks!! I'll just add in Lake Constance then!
Other hobbies:
Computing, guitar/keyboard/arrangements, Queen, and a little bit of everything else for good measure!
Date of birth:
24 May 1984 - yes! another young generation Mike Oldfield fan!!
On the Amarok list since:
October 2000

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