Curtis Jones

BirdMan ~;~
Currently on the West coast of Tasmania, Australia
I discovered Mike:
My parents bought TB1, I heard it as a very young child and loved the funny monkey man who shouted and howled. Years later the ABC started showing a snip of the space movie, with the finale of Incantations playing over it. Years after that I bought Amarok on a whim. After that first sixty minute whirlwind, I was hooked. I guess I always was, I just didn't know it. I've still got that original vinyl of TB1, badly scratched and scuffed.
Favourite album:
Favourite song:
Heavens Open (No really, it rocks!)
Favourite instrumental:
The Wind Chimes
Other hobbies:
I jump out of planes a lot, and will do anything so long as it involves speed.
Date of birth:
5th January, 1972
Emergency Response Coordinator - Henty Gold Mine
On the Amarok list since:
Early 1996

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