Christopher Hopkins

Cookeville, Tennessee, USA
I discovered Mike:
when i worked in a mall in my home town of fort lauderdale, florida. after work i used to go into the music shop and say... "ok sell me something ive never heard before" and one day this guy asked me if id ever heard of mike oldfield... who i hadnt up to that point... and so he said his new album tubular bells 2 has just come out... give this a try!! and i did... and ever since then i have been a huge fan!!!!! :))
Favourite albums:
TB2, Amarok, Various (Live Concerts)
Favourite songs:
Heavens Open, PITD, MITR, Moonlight Shadow, LTBL (Remixes)
Favourite instrumentals:
Amarok, Taurus 2, Broad Sunlit Uplands, Lake Constance
Other hobbies:
Music, composing music (all kinds - Classical to Techno), writing, acting, outdoorsy stuff
Date of birth:
Flight Attendant (Southwest Airlines)
On the Amarok list since:
November 1999

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