Brian Reynolds

Sydney, NSW, Australia
I discovered Mike:
1979, our music teacher used to play us the filmclips for Portsmouth and William Tell. In 1981, I saw the Incantations Clip from the Space Movie on the ABC. I was so mesmerised I rang up the TV station to see who it was, and was told it was Mike Oldfield " know, the guy who wrote Tubular Bells". I said "Tubular what?". Bought a few albums, and went and saw him in 82 and was blown away.
Favourite albums:
Favourite song:
Five Miles Out, Heaven's Open
Favourite instrumental:
The Lake, Taurus II, Incantations IV and Afghan (why does that never rate a mention?)
Other hobbies:
Guitar, Soccer
Date of birth:
9 Aug 65
Programmer, Web site developer
On the Amarok list since:
95 or 96

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