Alexander Müller

Niedernhausen, Germany
I discovered Mike:
It was back in 1984 or so ... (don't know exactly). On summer holidays in bulgaria, "Moonlight Shadow" was *THE* hit of the summer, and was played back and forth. This was the first time I got aware of Mike's existence. Some months later, "Shadow on the Wall" was in the German charts, and on one very emotional day with extreme ups and downs, I had that song humming in me the whole day, and that woke my interest in MO. Accidentally I bought the current LP (but as cassette) from Mike, it was Discovery, and that finally got me completely. From then on I soaked everything that I could get. I attended the TB2 tour in Frankfurt, HGP in London, and Then&Now in Hanau and Birmingham.
Fovourite album:
Ommadawn, Hergest Ridge, TSODE
Favourite song:
Pictures in the Dark
Favourite instrumental:
Other hobbies:
Car driving, politics, stock trading
Date of birth:
Independant IT consultant & application developer (C++)
On the Amarok list since:
Summer 1999

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