Alexander Jezek

Johanneshov, Stockholm, Sweden
I discovered Mike:
The summer of 2002. I was on a summercamp and one of the personel played the TB II/III concert on DVD. I just fell into the music directly.

I just sat in front of the screen and was totaly isolated from the world. So in the end we were a couple of guys who sat infront the TB concerts every evening until the personel had to forbid TB for the rest of the whole camp (2 weeks).

Then I heard Tres Lunas and again, I fell in love with the music.

With my young age of 16 I don't have much friends who listen to MO... but I don't care. Since that time I bought some cds with MO and now he's music is the only one I listen to.

Favourite albums:
Tr3s Lunas, TB III, Voyager, TB II
Favourite song:
Five Miles Out, Sentinel
Favourite instrumental:
Outcast, Turtle Island, Dark Star, The Bell, Viper, Afghan
Other hobbies:
Soccer, Drums, Piano, Music
Date of birth:
On the Amarok list since:

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