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(released 26th August 1996)

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Track Listing

1: Song Of The Sun (4:32)
2: Celtic Rain (4:42)
3: The Hero (5:04)
4: Women Of Ireland (6:29)
5: The Voyager (4:26)
6: She Moves Through The Fair (4:06)
7: Dark Island (5:43)
8: Wild Goose Flaps Its Wings (5:05)
9: Flowers of the Forest (6:03)
10: Mont St. Michel (12:19)

Other Artists

London Voices, Noel Eccles, Liam O'Flynn, Highland Pipers, Sean Keane,
London Symphony Orchestra, Matt Molloy, John Myers, Robin Smith,
Davy Spillane, Pat Walsh


The Song Of The Sun (O Son Do Ar) was first recorded by the Spanish group Luar Na Lubre, on their 1987 album O Son Do Ar (they also re-recorded it on their 1997 album Plenilunio).

Mike heard the band performing this piece in Madrid, and later became friends with them. Their harpist Rosa Cedrón later sang on Tubular Bells III.

Credit: Rob Miles, Calum Benson.

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