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The Best Of Tubular Bells
(released 4th June 2001)

The Best Of Tubular Bells

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Track Listing

1: Tubular Bells Part One (Original edit) 4:42
2: Tubular Bells Part One (Orchestral edit) 3:14
3: Tubular Bells Part One (Original edit) 3:47
4: Tubular Bells Part One (Exposed edit) 3:20
5: Tubular Bells Part One (Original edit) 8:29
6: Tubular Bells Part Two "The Caveman Song" (Original Edit) 4:46
7: Tubular Bells Part Two (Exposed edit) 4:15
8: Sentinel (Tubular Bells II) 8:07
9: The Bell (Tubular Bells II) 6:59
10: Far Above The Clouds (Tubular Bells III) 5:28
11: The Millennium Bell (The Millennium Bell) 7:32
12: Tubular Bells Part Two "Sailors Hornpipe" (Original Edit) 1:34


The Best of Tubular Bells was compiled by Simon Heyworth, using material from Tubular Bells (which he co-produced), The Orchestral Tubular Bells, Exposed, Tubular Bells II, Tubular Bells III and The Millennium Bell.

Sleeve notes for the album were written by Paul Harris of The Mike Oldfield Information Service.

Versions of The Best Of Tubular Bells

Uden version
Track 8 is not mentioned in the copyright section of the booklet. Pressed in Uden, Holland.

Swindon version
The copyright section of the booklet includes track 8. Pressed in Swindon, England.

Credit: Nacho Marin, Rainer Münz

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