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Tubular Bells III
(released 31st August 1998)

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Track Listing

1: The Source Of Secrets (5:34)
2: The Watchful Eye (2:09)
3: Jewel in the Crown (5:45)
4: Outcast (3:49)
5: Serpent Dream (2:53)
6: The Inner Child (4:41)
7: Man in the Rain (4:01)
8: The Top Of The Morning (4:26)
9: Moonwatch (4:25)
10: Secrets (3:20)
11: Far Above The Clouds (5:30)

Other Artists

Vocals: Cara Dillon, Heather Burnett, Rosa Cedrón, Amar, Clodagh Simonds, Francesca Robertson


Tubular Bells III was recorded between December 1996 and June 1998.

Shortly after writing Moonlight Shadow in 1983, Mike wrote Man In The Rain, a song about his split with Sally Cooper. After several unsatisfactory attempts to record it over the years, Mike decided to make it sound as similar to Moonlight Shadow as possible (this included sampling the Simon Phillips drum track from that song). Accordingly, Maggie Reilly was approached to sing Man In The Rain, but her management refused. Irish singer Cara Dillon (then a member of Polar Star) was chosen as her replacement, as she had such a similar voice.

Clodagh Simonds had previously appeared on Hergest Ridge, Ommadawn and Amarok.

Rosa Cedrón is a member of Luar Na Lubre, who recorded the original version of The Song Of The Sun (which Mike covered on Voyager.)

Francesca Robertson, who tells the story of the Man In The Rain on the closing track, was the daughter of a WEA executive who was working with Mike.

The twisted bell on the cover was built by Mike's friend, Damien Hirst, the award-winning British artist.


- drum track from Shadow On The Wall (from Crises)

Man In The Rain:
- drum track from Moonlight Shadow (from Crises)

Far Above The Clouds:
- drums from Ommadawn Part One.

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