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Tubular Bells 2003
(released 27th May 2003)

Tubular Bells

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Track Listing

Part One
1: Introduction (05:51)
2: Fast Guitars (01:04)
3: Basses ( 00:46)
4: Latin (02:18)
5: A Minor Tune (01:21)
6: Blues (02:40)
7: Thrash (00:44)
8: Jazz (00:48)
9: Ghost Bells (00:30)
10: Russian (00:44)
11: Finale (08:36)

Part Two
12: Harmonics (05:21)
13: Peace (03:22)
14: Bagpipe Guitars (03:07)
15: Caveman (04:33)
16: Ambient Guitars (05:09)
17: Hornpipe (01:39)

Other Artists

Vocals: Sally Oldfield
Master of Ceremonies: John Cleese


Tubular Bells 2003 was Mike's rerecording of his original album, which he had always been unhappy with, due to the rushed nature of its production. He had indicated that he was thinking about re-recording the album as long ago as 1982 when promoting his single Mistake. However, a clause in his original Virgin contract prevented him from doing so for the first 25 years of its release.

Mike first announced the project in 2001, while promoting The Best of Tubular Bells, and began recording in July 2002, so that it could be released in the 30th anniversary year.

During October 2002, John Cleese's voice was recorded in Santa Barbara, USA, while Mike remained in telephone contact with him in England. The edited voice recordings were then sent to Mike via FTP.

Versions of Tubular Bells

Single CD release (May 27th 2003)
This CD is copy-protected, which makes it unplayable in computers (compatibility problems may also exist with certain CD Audio players).

Canadian CD release (May 27th 2003)
This version is not copy-protected, but is otherwise identical to the UK version.

CD with bonus DVD (May 27th 2003)
The DVD features the video promo for Introduction, along with Dolby 5.1 sound mixes of these tracks:
1. Introduction 05:51
2. Fast Guitars 01:04
3. Basses 00:46

Tubular Bells 30 triple CD and DVD set (May 27th 2003)
Disc 1: Tubular Bells 2003
Disc 2: Tubular Bells II
Disc 3: Tubular Bells III
DVD: as above.

DVD-Audio (January 26th 2004)
This version contains a Dolby 5.1 surround mix of the album, and a selection of Mike's original 1972 demos for the album.

The Mike Oldfield DVD Collection (January 26th 2004)
This 3-DVD set contains:
- Tubular Bells 2003 DVD-Audio (see above)
- Tubular Bells II/III Live DVD-Video
- The Millennium Bell Live In Berlin DVD-Video

Credit: David Porter of The Mike Oldfield Information Service and Richard Carter.


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