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Tres Lunas
(3rd June 2002)

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Track Listing

1: Misty (4:00)
2: No Mans Land (6:10)
3: Return To The Origin (4:41)
4: Landfall (2:22)
5: Viper (4:35)
6: Turtle Island (3:43)
7: To Be Free (4:23)
8: Fire Fly (3:39)
9: Tr3s Lunas (4:37)
10: Daydream (2:17)
11: Thou Art In Heaven (5:24)
12: Sirius (5:50)
13: No Mans Land Reprise (2:53)
14: To Be Free - remix (3:55)

Other Musicians

Sally Oldfield, Amar, Jude Sim: Vocals
Philip Lewis, Thomas Suessmair: Percussion Programming


Having signed a three-album deal with Warner Spain, Mike effectively became a Spanish artist. Tres Lunas (meaning "Three Moons") is the first album to be released under this new arrangement. It is the first of two planned "chillout" albums (the other album included in the contract is Tubular Bells 2003).

The album includes a bonus CD-ROM of the Music VR game, which functions as a demo until registered via the MusicVR website.

The cover design was inspired by Hans Claesson of

Credit: The Mike Oldfield Information Service, Marcus Junglas

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