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(released 31st October 1980)

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Track Listing

1: Taurus 1 (10:17)
2: Sheba (3:32)
3: Conflict (2:48)
4: Arrival (2:45)
5: Wonderful Land (3:37)
6: Mirage (4:39)
7: QE2 / QE2 Finale (7:39)
8: Celt (3:04)
9: Molly (1:13)

Other Artists

Drums: Phil Collins, Morris Pert
Percussion: Mike Frye
Vocals: Maggie Reilly
Steel drums, Synthesizers, Vocals: David Hentschel
Piano, Synthesizers: Tim Cross
Strings section leader: Dick Studt
Trumpet: Raul D'Oliveira, Guy Barker
Trombone: Paul Nieman
Tenor sax: Philip Todd
Guitar: Rick Fenn


QE2 was recorded between June and August 1980. Mike said that it was one of the most spontaneously recorded albums he had ever made.

Like Platinum before it, QE2 contains two cover versions: Arrival, an instrumental released by Abba in 1976, and Wonderful Land, which was originally recorded by The Shadows.

The final track is named after Mike's daughter Molly, who was born on 30th November 1979 (Molly would later contribute to The Songs Of Distant Earth).

Versions of QE2

The original LP (31st October 1980)
The sleeve contained holes, to represent the ship's portholes.

CD version (1985?)
The cover has white circles instead of holes.

HDCD Remaster (29th May 2000)
Remastered by Simon Heyworth at Chop 'Em Out studios in London, March/April 2000.

Credit: David Porter of The Mike Oldfield Information Service, Bob Angilly and Rainer Münz.

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