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(released 23rd November 1979)

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Track Listing

1: Platinum Part 1 - Airborne (5:05)
2: Platinum Part 2 - Platinum (6:06)
3: Platinum Part 3 - Charleston (3:17)
4: Platinum Part 4 - North Star / Platinum Finale (4:49)
5: Woodhenge (4:05)
6: Into Wonderland (3:46)
7: Punkadiddle (5:46)
8: I Got Rhythm (4:44)

Other Artists

Vocals: Wendy Roberts
Drums, Vibraphone: Pierre Moerlen
Drums: Alan Schwartzberg, Morris Pert
Bass: Niel Jason, Hansford Rowe, Francisco Centeno
Keyboards: Nico Ramsden, Peter Lemer
Tubular bells: Sally Cooper


Platinum was recorded between December 1978 and mid-1979, with the working title Airborne.

Mike was in New York while recording Platinum, and met Philip Glass, the minimalist composer. Glass suggested to Mike that he could record his own arrangement of North Star (a piece of music from a film Glass had worked on), and so this became the fourth and final part of Platinum.

Kurt Munkacsi, who engineered some of Philip Glass' work, including North Star, also co-engineered Platinum and some of Exposed.

Sally Cooper, Mike's then girlfriend, plays the Tubular Bells on I Got Rhythm.

Mike appeared on Pierre Moerlen's next two albums Downwind and Gong Live.

Platinum was not released in America or Canada at the time, so the compilation Airborn was created exclusively for these countries, which features most of the tracks from Platinum, as well as selections from Incantations and Exposed.

Versions of Platinum

The original album (1979)
The original album - second pressing (1979)
The first two UK pressings of Platinum include Sally.

The altered album - third pressing (1979)
From the third pressing onwards, every copy of Platinum has Into Wonderland in place of Sally (Virgin felt that Sally was too uncommercial).

The album's packaging was never updated, so Into Wonderland has been called Sally on every copy of Platinum released since then. The final minute of Sally was retained and used as the beginning of Punkadiddle, so this means that the track timings on the cover are also incorrect:

6: Sally (5:00)
7: Punkadiddle (4:56)

See the Track Listing above for the correct times.

Wendy Roberts remembers the second song being referred to as Sally during the sessions, so Sally may be the correct title for both songs. However, as the replacement song is listed as Into Wonderland on the US/Canadian album Airborn (as well as an Australian pressing of Platinum), it is generally assumed to be the correct title.

CD version (1985?)
Into Wonderland is still included, and Sally is still listed in its place on the cover.

HDCD Remaster (29th May 2000)
Remastered by Simon Heyworth at Chop 'Em Out studios in London, March/April 2000.

Again, Sally is erroneously listed on the cover of this version.

Credit: David Porter of The Mike Oldfield Information Service, Rainer Münz, Philip Bendall, Michiel Cleijne, and Richard Carter.

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