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The Millennium Bell
(released 29th November 1999)

The Millennium Bell

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The Millennium Bell Notes

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Track Listing

1: Peace On Earth (4:09)
2: Pacha Mama (4:06)
3: Santa Maria (2:44)
4: Sunlight Shining Through Cloud (4:33)
5: The Doge's Palace (3:08)
6: Lake Constance (5:16)
7: Mastermind (3:04)
8: Broad Sunlit Uplands (4:03)
9: Liberation (2:38)
10: Amber Light (3:50)
11: The Millennium Bell (7:36)

Other Artists

Vocals: Camilla Darlow (Girl Soprano), Nicola Emmanuel, David Serame, Miriam Stockley, Martay, Pepsi, Greta Hegerland-Oldfield
Additional Vocals: The London Handel Choir, The Grant Gospel Choir,
Andrew Johnson - St Paul's Treble, The London Session Orchestra
Strings & Choir: Robyn Smith
Drums: Gota Yashiki
Co-arrangement: DJ Pippi


The Millennium Bell was recorded between February and October 1999. Mike's idea of marking the division between the centuries came from the use of Big Ben at the end of the Tubular Bells III premiere concert.

The bell heard in the title track is a combination of several bell sounds, which was specially created for this album by Roland, the company which makes some of the instruments Mike uses.

The orchestral pieces on this album, Lake Constance and Broad Sunlit Uplands, were recorded in Abbey Road Studio One.

The Millennium Bell Notes page includes:
- historical background for each of the tracks
- an album commentary
- Roy Rashbrook's memories of the recording.


[from the Zero G sample CD]
- The female voice saying "Mastermind"
- "What is love?"
- "He's a killer!"

[from the Zero G sample CD]
- The radio sound effects
- The speech samples, including "Reaching out into other worlds", "Has eyes, ears and a voice", "If you wish to leave a record of your call", "Zero, and holding".

The Millennium Bell Notes

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