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(released 7th September 1987)

Islands US cover

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Track Listing

1: The Wind Chimes Parts One and Two (21:49)
2: Islands (4:21)
3: Flying Start (3:38)
4: North Point (3:33)
5: Magic Touch (4:15)
6: The Time Has Come (3:55)
7: When The Nights On Fire (6:41)

Other Artists

Drums: Simon Phillips
Vocals: Max Bacon, Bonnie Tyler, Jim Price, Kevin Ayers, Anita Hegerland
Keyboards: Tony Beard, Mickey Simmonds
Saxophones: Raf Ravenscroft, Andy MacKay
Guitar: Rick Fenn, Micky Moody
Percussion: Pierre Moerlen, Benoit Moerlen
Bass: Phil Spalding


The chanting in The Wind Chimes Part Two is sampled from Ketjak Dance, which can be heard on the album Bali - Music From the Morning Of The World.

Versions of Islands

Original UK LP (7th September 1987)
Magic Touch features Jim Price on vocals, and the tracks are in the order listed above.

Original UK CD (7th September 1987)
The Wind Chimes Parts One and Two form a single continuous track. When The Night's On Fire is included as a bonus track.

US version (1987)
The US version has the black and white cover, and this tracklisting:

The Wind Chimes Part One
The Wind Chimes Part Two
Magic Touch
The Time Has Come
North Point
Flying Start

Magic Touch has vocals by Max Bacon, The Wind Chimes Parts One and Two are separate tracks, and When The Night's On Fire is omitted.

US reissue (1995)
This version has the same cover and tracklisting as the original UK CD version.

HDCD Remaster (31st July 2000)
Remastered by Simon Heyworth at Chop 'Em Out studios in London, March/April 2000. This remaster is not noticeably higher quality than the previous versions, as the original recording was made using Dolby SR, which is very close to digital quality. Again, the original UK track order is used.

Credit: Rob Miles, Holger Laufenberg and Chris Worland.

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