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Heaven's Open
(released 18th February 1991)

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Track Listing

1: Make Make (4:16)
2: No Dream (6:02)
3: Mr. Shame (4:22)
4: Gimme Back (4:09)
5: Heaven's Open (4:15)
6: Music From The Balcony (19:44)

Other Artists

Drums: Simon Phillips
Bass: Dave Levy
Hammond, Piano: Mickey Simmonds
Additional keyboards: Andy Longhurst
Saxophones, Bass clarinet: Courtney Pine
The "Sassy Choir"
: Vicki St. James, Sylvia Mason-James, Dolly James, Debi Doss, Shirlie Roen,Valerie Etienne
Additional vocal harmonies: Nikki "B" Bentley, Tom Newman


The cover of this album is based on Trevor Key's original cover design for Tubular Bells when it was under the working title of Breakfast In Bed. It was modified by the graphic design company Icon. The doves may have been included as a reference to the dove on the sleeve of Mike's first single, as Heaven's Open was to be his last Virgin album.


Music From The Balcony:
[from the Zero G sample CD]
- The chorus of voices saying "No!"

Versions of Heaven's Open

The original CD (18th February 1991)

HDCD Remaster (31st July 2000)
Remastered by Simon Heyworth at Chop 'Em Out studios in London, March/April 2000.

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