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(Live Double Album, released 17th July 1979)

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Track Listing

Incantations Part One (15:03)
Incantations Part Two (11:24)
Incantations Part Three (8:47)
Incantations Part Four (12:07)
Tubular Bells Part One (28:22)
Tubular Bells Part Two (9:17)
Sailor's Hornpipe (1:48)
Guilty (6:26)

Other Artists

Guitars: Nico Ramsden
Guitar, Vocals
: Phil Beer
Bass guitar
: Pekka Pohjola
Drums, Percussion: Pierre Moerlen
: Mike Frye, Benoit Moerlen, David Bedford
Bodhran: Ringo McDonough
Keyboards: Peter Lemer, Tim Cross
Vocals: Maddy Prior
Trumpets: Ray Gay, Ralph Izen, Simo Salminen, Colin Moore
Flutes: Sebastian Bell, Chris Nicholls
: Dick Studt, Ben Cruft, Jane Price, Liz Edwards, Nicola Hurton, Jonathan Kahan
: Don McVay, Pauline Mack, Danny Daggers, Melinda Daggers, Liz Butler, Ross Cohen
Celli: Nigel Warren-Green, Vanessa Park, David Bucknall, Jessica Ford
Double basses: Nick Worters, Joe Kirby
Choir: Debra Bronstein, Marigo Acheson, Emma Freud, Diana Coulson, Mary Elliott, Mary Creed, Cecily Hazel, Wendy Lampitt, Clara Harris, Emma Smith, Catherine Loewe


The Exposed tour was not only Mike's first tour, but also his first live performance since the premiere of Tubular Bells in 1973. Accordingly, it was to be an epic experience, featuring a large number of musicians with an orchestra and a choir.

Ommadawn was originally on the tour's setlist, but it was dropped for timing reasons. Other cutbacks - including halving the choir - were made for financial reasons. Mike admitted later that the tour was a financial disaster. This album was released partly to recoup the costs of the tour (as was the next album, Platinum).

Exposed was edited together from several performances on the tour, recorded during March and April 1979. Due to Musician's Union restrictions, it cannot be revealed which parts come from which concert, although it is known that a large proportion of the album came from the concert in The Hague, Holland.

The American album Airborn used parts of Incantations mixed with the original album version. Airborn also contains an alternative performance of Tubular Bells from this tour.

The bass player Pekka Pohjola had previously worked with Mike on his album Keesojen Lehto.

Mike appeared on Pierre Moerlen's next two albums Downwind and Gong Live.

Phil Beer recorded two songs with Mike after the tour, which were released on the charity album Where Would You Rather Be Tonight? and Phil Beer's Official Bootleg 1.

Versions of Exposed

The original album (17th July 1979)

CD version (1985?)

HDCD Remaster (29th May 2000)
Remastered by Simon Heyworth at Chop 'Em Out studios in London, March/April 2000.

Credit: David Porter of The Mike Oldfield Information Service.

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