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Earth Moving
(released 10th July 1989)

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Track Listing

1: Holy (4:37)
2; Hostage (4:09)
3: Far Country (4:25)
4: Innocent (3:30)
5: Runaway Son (4:05)
6: See The Light (3:59)
7: Earth Moving (4:03)
8: Blue Night (6:41)
9: Nothing But / Bridge To Paradise (8:40)

Other Artists

Vocals: Paul Lee, Maggie Reilly, Sonia Jones Morgan, Maggie Ryder, Jackie Challenor, Carl Wayne, Lance Ellington, Keith Murrell, Chris Thompson, Mark Williamson, Carol Kenyon, Max Bacon, Nikki "B" Bentley
Clavinet, Vocals, Tambourine: Daniel Lazerus
Violin: Bobby Valentino
Guitar, Vocals: Adrian Belew
Kick horn section: Simon Gardner, Simon Clarke, Tim Sanders, Roddy Lorimer
Bass, Vocals: Phil Spalding
Saxophone: Raf Ravenscroft


Earth Moving was recorded between December 1988 and June 1989.

Raf Ravenscroft, who plays saxophone on the title track, is well-known for his solo on Gerry Rafferty's Baker Street.

Nikki Bentley is also known as Nikki Lambourn, and is a member of the band Never The Bride.

Versions of Earth Moving

Original CD (10th July 1989)

HDCD Remaster (31st July 2000)
Remastered by Simon Heyworth at Chop 'Em Out studios in London, March/April 2000.

Credit: John Connor.

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