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The Complete Mike Oldfield
(Double Album, released November 1985)

The Complete Mike Oldfield

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Track Listing

Disc 1:
The Instrumental Section
1: Arrival (2:47)
2: William Tell Overture (3:55)
3: Cuckoo Song (3:13)
4: In Dulci Jubilo (2:50)
5: Portsmouth (2:00)
6: Jungle Gardenia (2:37)
7: Guilty (4:04)
8: Blue Peter (2:07)
9: Waldberg (The Peak) (3:24)
10: Wonderful Land (3:39)
11: Etude - single edit (3:07)

The Vocal Section
12: Moonlight Shadow (3:36)
13: Family Man (3:47)
14: Mistake (2:55)
15: Five Miles Out (4:19)
16: Crime Of Passion (3:37)
17: To France (4:33)
18: Shadow On The Wall - Extended Version (5:08)

Disc 2:
The Complex Section
1: Excerpt from Ommadawn Part One (6:59)
2: Excerpt from Tubular Bells Part One (7:59)
3: Excerpt from Hergest Ridge Part One (4:20)
4: Excerpt from Incantations Part Four (4:41)
5: Evacuation - edit (4:11)

The Live Section
6: Sheba (3:30)
7: Mirage (5:12)
8: Platinum (14:28)
9: Mount Teide (4:34)


The Complete Mike Oldfield was compiled virtually single-handedly by Dirk Hohmeyer. Mike expressed little interest in the compilation, and offered no help with its preparation.

Dirk instead received assistance from German fans, who provided him with vinyl copies of tracks whose master tapes eluded him. Some tracks were taken from tapes that been incorrectly labelled. For example, the version of Five Miles Out included here is an earlier mix (featuring a female vocal on the first verse, among other differences).

The Live tracks on side four had never been mixed before, so Dirk Hohmeyer had to mix them himself. Of these tracks, Platinum was taken from a recording on the 1980 Platinum Tour; Sheba and Mirage are from Essen in 1981 (European Adventure Tour); and Mount Teide is from Cologne 1982 (Five Miles Out Tour).

Dirk's hard work appeared to be well worthwhile, as despite Mike's initial reservations, he was pleased with the finished album.

Versions of The Complete Mike Oldfield

LP version (1985)
CD version (1985)
William Tell Overture and Cuckoo Song only appeared on the CD version of the album.

German version (1985)
Pictures In The Dark appears as Track 14, in place of Mistake.

Credit: Marcus Junglas and Rainer Münz.

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