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The Mike Oldfield Collection
(released February 2002)

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Track Listing

Disc 1
1: Moonlight Shadow
2: To France
3: Five Miles Out
4: Shadow on the Wall
5: Foreign Affair
6: Sentinel
7: Family Man
8: Heaven's Open
9: Pictures In The Dark
10: Innocent
11: Islands
12: Incantations Part Four (excerpt)

Disc 2
1: Tubular Bells (opening theme)
2: Etude
3: Ommadawn (excerpt)
4: In Dulci Jubilo
5: Good News
6: Pran's Theme 1 & 2
7: Pran's Departure
8: Hergest Ridge Part One
9: Portsmouth


This compilation was released in France, the USA and Denmark (where it was titled The Danish Collection). Most of the tracks have appeared on other compilations, the exception being Pictures In The Dark, which has only been released on CD twice before (both on German compilations).

Credit: Svend Aage Petersen of ProMO.

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