Kevin Ayers:
Still Life With Guitar
(released February 1992)

Still Life With Guitar

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Track Listing

1: Feeling This Way
2: Something In Between
3: Thank You Very Much
4: There Goes Johnny
5: Ghost Train
6: I Don't Depend On You
7: When Your Parents Go To Sleep
8: MI6
9: Don't Blame Them
10: Irene Goodnight


Vocals and guitar: Kevin Ayers
Guitar: Mike Oldfield, Ollie Halsall
Other musicians: Kevin Armstrong, Mark Nevin, Graham Henderson, Anthony Moore, BJ Cole, Danny Thompson, Simon Edwards, Roy Dodds, Steve Monti, Simon Clarke, Gavin Harrison, Ben Darlow, Stuart Bruce, Rich Lee.

Versions of Still Life With Guitar

The original CD (1992)

Remastered CD (2002)
This version has a different cover, and the following bonus tracks:
- I Don't Depend On You (alternative version)
- Don't Blame Them All (alternative version)
- Running In The Human Race (previously unreleased)



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