David Bedford:
The Odyssey
(released 1976)

Further information:

David Bedford's website

Jeff Gower's review of
The Odyssey



Track Listing

1: Penelope's Shroud (i) (1:35)
2: King Aeolus (4:44)
3: Penelope's Shroud (ii) (1:16)
4: The Phaecian Games (3:56)
5: Penelope's Shroud (iii) (1:03)
6: The Sirens (10:14)
7: Scylla and Charybdis (7:59)
8: Penelope's Shroud (iv) (0:48)
9: Circe's Island (7:44)
10: Penelope's Shroud Completed (0:31)
11: The Battle In The Hall (7:55)


Synthesiser, piano, clavinet, Hammond organ, wine glasses, timpani, cymbal, gong: David Bedford
The Queen's College Choir: Vicky Cooper, Sophie Dickson, Megan Powell, Judy Plant, Daisy Goodwin, Serena McCready-Sellars, Mia Dickson
Guitar: Mike Oldfield, Andy Summers
Recorders: Anne Murray, Rosalind Kandler
Oboes: Lynne Halstead
Synthesiser: Nicolette Alvey


Mike plays guitar on The Phaecian Games (also included on Boxed) and The Sirens.



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